Chaplains and Religious Life

The Brown Meditation Community (BMC) is a student-run group that meets for meditation sits. All identities and levels of experience are welcome at any sit.

College Hill Buddhists for Peace is a student group that promotes the practice of Nichiren Buddhism and the associated humanistic values of peace, culture and education. Our group is affiliated with Soka Gakkai International (SGI), the world’s largest lay Buddhist organization and a nongovernmental organization formally tied to the United Nations. SGI’s ultimate mission is to realize a world of lasting peace by awakening each person to his/her infinite potential we called Buddhahood. We regularly hold Buddhism introductory sessions for students of all background or affiliation to learn about the wisdom of Buddhist teachings and how to apply such philosophy in our daily lives on campus. We also hold Buddhism chanting sessions for students experience the more spiritual aspect of the practice.

Religious Life Affiliates