Chaplains and Religious Life

The purpose of the Brown University Sikh Student Association (SSA) is layered. At heart, we seek to cultivate a sangat, or community, at Brown by providing a space for people who share a connection to Sikhi to bond; discuss topical issues pertaining to Sikh populations across the globe; learn about Sikh history; join in prayer; and celebrate major holidays. More broadly, we hope to raise awareness and knowledge of our faith on campus by maintaining an active social media presence, hosting inclusive events open to any interested students, and collaborating with other religious groups. Seva, or selfless service, is a core tenet of Sikhism, and we plan to honor it by engaging with problems facing the local Providence area. Finally, we strive to reach beyond city boundaries by organizing trips to the Boston gurdwara, or place of worship, and dialoguing with SSAs at other New England colleges.

Last Spring (2023) we were thrilled to host the first-ever New England inter-SSA conference featuring a panel of guest speakers and other special events at Brown.